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Corporate Video Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India Oragadam

Take a look at our Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India Corporate Video

Corporate Video for Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India - a leading supplier of Plastic moulded components for Hyundai Motors.

Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India approached Ovm Studios to create an informative and visually appealing corporate video that they could utilize at trade shows. The result is a video that will captivate the attention of viewers and paint a picture of the company that will entice and draw new customers in.

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When deciding on what direction this corporate video should go in the initial meeting with the Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India team, they had expressed the need for a video that would be able to tell a story simply through visuals. The sales team at Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India were utilizing an old presentation with images and video clips of their products embedded within it, to highlight what their company does for potential clients at Trade Shows. So they were interested in a video that could replace their current offering, to attract new clients.

Best Video production Mumbai for Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India, Oragadam

After that meeting and subsequent site survey, Ovm Studios put together a shortlist for the corporate video that captured the essence of the company’s products and services and their additional and very beneficial offerings. Things such as custom-engineered solutions, delivery services, as well as their diverse staff and speciality equipment were all highlighted.

Corporate Video production Bangalore for Seoyon E-HWA India, Chennai

The completed project is a corporate video which does exactly as it is supposed to. With just enough content to not bore or overwhelm, but just enough to get a good sense of the company and its offerings, it is a wonderful description of the company.

 Best Corporate Video Production Delhi for Seoyon E-HWA India, Sriperumbudur

Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India has also revamped their training facility at Oragadam which is inaugurated by Hyundai Motors India. To our surprise, Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India awarded the production of its human resource training video to Ovm Studios for their newly launched training centre to provide training for their prospective and existing human resources.

Best reviewed Corporate Video production Mumbai for Seoyon E-HWA India, Sriperumbudur

Ovm Studios is very glad to have been able to work on this corporate video and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the Seoyon E-HWA Automotive India team.